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Kouga Kares cares for retired Senior Citizens living in the Kouga region. We’re the hands, feet and heart where needed in Jeffreys Bay and surrounds.

A Kouga Kares membership grants members access to the best physical, emotional, spiritual and practical care in the Kouga region.

Kouga Kares cares for retired Senior Citizens living in the Kouga region
Helping them cope

Helping them cope

Kouga Kares‘ mission is to help our senior citizens cope with the challenges of daily life. Many people don’t understand the difficulties senior citizens face day-to-day. Kouga Kares understands and is there to help.

Physical needs

Many people take for granted the fact that they can care for themselves. For senior citizens, something as simple as visiting the bathroom could be an unsurmountable hill.

Kouga Kares connects senior citizens with kindhearted caregivers who take care of their physical needs. Whether it’s a simple manicure or something as complex as dental care, Kouga Kares can assist.

Physical needs
Emotional & spiritual needs

Emotional & spiritual needs

Humans were made for communion. But life is lonely for some people, especially seniors who aren’t able to move about freely.

Kouga Kares helps senior citizens with their emotional and spiritual needs and can help connect them with their loved ones, friends and spiritual family.

Maintenance & DIY needs

Although senior citizens have the gumption to perform most tasks, they might not have the physical ability. The spirit is willing, but the flesh might be weak.

Kouga Kares connects senior citizens with plumbers, electricians and other professionals who can help fix up or maintain their home.

Maintenance & DIY needs

Get the best professional care in the Kouga region

If you live in the Kouga region, join Kouga Kares today and enjoy the benefits of being a member of our region’s finest care service.

Kouga Kares for the many retired Senior Citizens living in the Kouga Region who require Kare to cope with the challenges of daily life.

If you’re a Senior Citizen in need of Kare, register with Kouga Kares and let our KareGivers be of service to you.

Your needs might be of a physical nature. Perhaps you need someone to groom you. Perhaps you need someone to help you get dressed in the morning.

Or perhaps your needs are of an emotional or spiritual kind. You might have a desire to spend time with friends and family, or brothers and sisters in the faith, but can’t travel.

Perhaps your home needs some attention. Perhaps you have a leaky tap or ceiling, or a lightbulb needs changing. Or perhaps you’d like a new television installed or your fridge moved.

Whatever your needs, Kouga Kares can take Kare of them.

We’re not bound to a specific age group. 8, 18 or 80, Kouga Kares is there to help. If you’re struggling with a handicap, Kouga Kares can take care of you, whether you’re grandchild, parent or grandparent.

Perhaps you’re exhausted from looking after an incapacitated loved-one. Kouga Kares is more than willing to offer you respite care, so you can take a break and recharge.

Or perhaps you require step-down care. You’ve had a heart attack or a heart, hip or knee operation and you’d prefer to recover at home. Well, Kouga Kares understands and would love to assist.

For those who are bedridden or extremely frail, we offer Kare in the following areas (but we’re not limited to what’s listed below):

Shower, tub bath, or bed bathShaving
DressingWashing and combing hair
Oral and denture careToilet and incontinence care
Care and cleaning of dressingsPost-Op Care
Nail and manicureBack rub and massage
Turning and repositioning bed-boundTransferring from bed to chair
Helping with wheelchair mobilityWalking and exercising
Mobility and stretchingFeeding
Changing bedding and laundryLight housekeeping

Although we endeavour to provide professional nursing Kare, our Kare providers aren’t all qualified nurses.

However, we screen our KareGivers to make sure they’re not just willing, but able to provide a wide range of Kare to patients. We use KareGivers who are experienced and qualified to look after frail people.

If the occasion warrants it, a registered nursing sister accompanies our KareGivers.

Our KareGivers may not provide patients—or their families and friends—with medical advice. But if a KareGiver sees that a patient needs medical attention, they’ll refer the patient to the family doctor.

Live in Jeffreys Bay and need professional care?

If you’re in the Kouga region and you need professional caregiving, sign up for a Kouga Kares membership. Enjoy peace of mind with help from people who care about you.


Kouga Kares connects caregivers and nurses to people who cannot take care of themselves. We’re the hands, feet and heart where needed in Jeffreys Bay. Learn more.


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If you’re a caregiver and you’d like an opportunity to work with frail individuals, please visit the application page and complete the form.

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