Kouga Kares cares for the many retired Senior Citizens living in the Kouga Region who require Kare to cope with the challenges of daily life.

If you’re a Senior Citizen in need of Kare, register with Kouga Kares and let our KareGivers be of service to you.

Your needs might be of a physical nature. Perhaps you need someone to groom you. Perhaps you need someone to help you get dressed in the morning.

Or perhaps your needs are of an emotional or spiritual kind. You might have a desire to spend time with friends and family, or brothers and sisters in the faith, but can’t travel.

Perhaps your home needs some attention. Perhaps you have a leaky tap or ceiling, or a lightbulb needs changing. Or perhaps you’d like a new television installed or your fridge moved.

Whatever your needs, Kouga Kares can take Kare of them.

We’re not bound to a specific age group. 8, 18 or 80, Kouga Kares is there to help. If you’re struggling with a handicap, Kouga Kares can take care of you, whether you’re grandchild, parent or grandparent.

Perhaps you’re exhausted from looking after an incapacitated loved-one. Kouga Kares is more than willing to offer you respite care, so you can take a break and recharge.

Or perhaps you require step-down care. You’ve had a heart attack or a heart, hip or knee operation and you’d prefer to recover at home. Well, Kouga Kares understands and would love to assist.

For those who are bedridden or extremely frail, we offer Kare in the following areas (but we’re not limited to what’s listed below):

Shower, tub bath, or bed bathShaving
DressingWashing and combing hair
Oral and denture careToilet and incontinence care
Care and cleaning of dressingsPost-Op Care
Nail and manicureBack rub and massage
Turning and repositioning bed-boundTransferring from bed to chair
Helping with wheelchair mobilityWalking and exercising
Mobility and stretchingFeeding
Changing bedding and laundryLight housekeeping

Although we endeavour to provide professional nursing Kare, our Kare providers aren’t all qualified nurses.

However, we screen our KareGivers to make sure they’re not just willing, but able to provide a wide range of Kare to patients. We use KareGivers who are experienced and qualified to look after frail people.

If the occasion warrants it, a registered nursing sister accompanies our KareGivers.

Our KareGivers may not provide patients—or their families and friends—with medical advice. But if a KareGiver sees that a patient needs medical attention, they’ll refer the patient to the family doctor.

Services provided by Kouga Kares

Many people as they age are either unwilling to move out of their own homes or they cannot afford to do so.

Kouga Kares provides all the special needs for the elderly in their own home.

Health needs

With advancing age, the body tends to slow down and becomes less efficient. The elderly whose mobility has become limited require a certain amount of assistance in their daily routine. Kouga Karers provide assistance in basic activities like walking, eating, bathing, dressing, etc.

Elderly people are prone to several age-related health issues. Early recognition and treatment enables people to live well in spite of illness.

Kouga Kares provides nursing care that will help in keeping most of these health issues in check.

Nursing procedures such as wound care, monitoring of medications, colostomy care, blood pressure monitoring, blood sugar monitoring etc. are provided by qualified nurses.

Social Needs

Everyone needs to know they are loved, this is especially true as people age and have more time on their hands.

Many elderly people in South Africa have family members living overseas or in other South African cities.

Special friends have passed on and loneliness is a huge problem. Kouga Karers offers regular outings with like-minded people.

Regular fun events are organized to suit various interests and abilities. Visitation is organized in the elderly person’s home.

Assistance setting up electronic devices to enable the elderly to communicate with their loved ones is provided, e.g. skype, internet etc.

Transport is made available for those who are no longer able to drive.

Security and Emergency Needs

Daily check-ins to make sure that all is well for those that are frail.

Emergency call out in case of a fall or any unforeseen situation.

Dietary Needs

As people age, their digestive system gradually changes. It is important at this stage to ensure that food is easy to digest and nutritious.

Kouga Karers provides assistance with meal planning, shopping for food and preparation of food should it be required.

Certain medications require a change in diet or can only be taken with a meal, these cases are monitored.

Change of accommodation

Should the time come when an elderly person needs to move from their home, Kouga Karers assists with the move.

It is overwhelming for an elderly person to face the emotional as well as the physical stress of moving.

Kouga Karers helps with packing and moving of belongings as well as the actual move. Modifications that need to be made in order to make the new accommodation suitable for special needs are also facilitated.

Special Service Needs

It is not news that many service providers take advantage of the elderly.

Kouga Karers has only suitable providers that are recommended. Special pension rates are charged for services such as garden services, house cleaning, appliance repairs, plumbing and electrical repairs etc. Services are monitored and only paid for once the service has been adequately completed.