MB ActiveCleaner with Kalkex

The easy, affordable way to keep surfaces, including urinals, clean and fresh.
Urimat Mb Activcleaner

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MB ActiveCleaner with Kalkex with microbiological and odour eradicating action.

Removes lime and soap residues and delays renewed soiling.

  • Inexpensive
  • Hygienic
  • Dermocompatible
  • Biological

Product efficiency

The URIMAT MB-ActiveCleaner with Kalkex has a microbiological action.

It features excellent cleaning power and removes bad odours as a result of the decomposition of organic substances.

It removes lime and soap residues and delays renewed soiling.

It is particularly suitable for maintenance cleaning and odour removal in heavily used sanitary facilities.


Microorganisms deeply penetrate the pores, breaking down the odorous organic residues deposited there, URIMATE MB-ActiveCleaner with Kalkex provides sustained, comfortable freshness. Its daily use prevents bad odours from developing.

When cleaning sanitary facilities, do not use any cleaning agents containing chlorine and acid in addition to URIMAT MB-ActiveCleaner with Kalkex.

Dilution ratios

Use the following dilution ratios to make the most of your MB ActiveCleaner.

Walls and floors

We recommend starting with a high dilution ratio of 1:20 to increase the bacteria’s presence. After approximately three days you can decrease the dilution as follows:

  • 4th Day 1:30
  • 5th Day 1:30
  • 6th Day 1:40

We recommend using a dilution ratio of either 1:40 or 1:50 for continued daily cleaning.

Toilets and urinals

For toilets and urinals we recommend staying with 1:20 dilution ratio for our bacteria to keep the area free of other bad bacteria as the contamination of the area is high and more frequent.


Should a thin film/lubriation appear, or the surface starts to feel sticky then the dilution ratio is too high and needs to be decreased.

The MB-ActiveCleaner is dermatological tested and skin friendly.


Follow these directions to make the most of cleaning with MB-ActiveCleaner.

General areas

These include areas such as floors made from vinyl, marble, ceramic, porcelain, etc.

  • The MB-ActiveCleaner works with no problems when using the suggested ratios above.
  • IF ‘lubrication’ appears please decrease the dilution.

Steel, cold steel, gummy surfaces, fridges

Please note: if the room or surface temperature is below 0 degrees Celsius, our bacteria / the MB-ActiveCleaner can freeze (cleaner won’t work when frozen and the bacteria will die).

  • In cold areas all bacteria need a little longer time to “double” (cold = slow bacteria). Therefore, the MB-ActiveCleaner bacteria will need longer to get throug the surfaces and if smell is a problem it may take longer to get them removed.

Greasy surfaces

  • On heavily grease surfaces such as a chip pan or “grill” the bacteria of MB-ActiveCleaner works, but they will need longer before a result becomes evident.
  • The bacteria loves grease, but they eat slowly.

Surfaces having direct contact with food

  • The MB-ActiveCleaner is dermatologically tested and skin friendly with an excellent rating, however, we currently do NOT recommend using the MB-ActiveCleaner in these areas until we receive our food industry safe certification.

General information

  • The MB-ActiveCleaner is designed to be the best product when it comes to areas contaminated by bacteria occurring in sanitary areas. (That’s why it’s the recommended product to use with FreeFlow urinal valves.)
  • We highly recomment NOT using any acid or disinfecting cleaner in conjunction with the MB-ActiveCleaner as this will kill MB-ActiveCleaner’s good bacteria.
  • Disinfection will also eliminate the bateria below the surface and the “long teerm protection” would be gone.
  • Situations where a strong, special cleaner is necessary, because of the degree of contamination such as removing oils, paint etc, we recommend to only then use the preferred acid / strong cleaning agent on the spot required and then restart with a high dilution ratio of MB-ActiveCleaner on this area, to bring back the bacteria beneath the surface again.
  • Every Spore has 5 variants! Our MB-Active Cleaner has 5 different variants in the form of spores. These variants ensure that there will not be any odour as they cover 5 organic areas: urine, protein, fat, cellulose and hydrates. Each variant covers at least one area but can utilise more than one area.


What does the MB-Active Cleaner achieve?

  • The (Microbiological) MB-Active Cleaner is the perfect accompaniment to URIMAT Waterless Urinals. It not only prevents “bad-odour” from developing, it also contains special biological ingredients which gently treat the bowls surface.

What is the makeup of MB – Active Cleaner?

The MB-Active Cleaner is supplied in concentrate form which is then diluted with water (at a ratio 1:20) In concentrate form, the cleaner has billions of spores which start to develop into bacteria once mixed with water.

What are Spores?

Spores are the sleepy state of certain microorganisms and are therefore stable for a very long period (-like a “butterfly” when still in its cocoon).

How do spores develop into bacteria?

When MB-Active Cleaner is in contact with water and a food source like urine for example, spores will germinate and grow as microorganisms. They continue to utilise organics in their immediate environment as food and thereby prevent the bad odours normally associated with the presence of these organics. More than just an odour control, Micro-organisms are also able to completely break down uric acid and avoid uric scale build-up.

And after that?

When there is no food source available, micro-organisms may revert to a spore form again, go further along the drain line to find other food sources, or simply are not able to survive and then die.

Why is there no odour when I use the MB-Active Cleaner?

The URIMAT MB-Active Cleaner penetrates deep under the surface.

In our environment we have 3 different kinds of bacteria:

  1. Aerobic bacteria: They can only exist with oxygen;
  2. Anaerobic bacteria: They can only exist without oxygen;
  3. Facultative bacteria: They can exist with or without oxygen.

Usually all the bacteria mentioned above start to smell, when dying & degrading.

Our bacteria used in the MB-Active Cleaner are facultative but are generated in special farms as they are not common in nature. The bacteria have the advantage that they do not rot and therefore don’t smell when they degrade (die). We only use these special bacteria. They dominate bad bacteria above and below the surface and eat all organic content before they collapse, without developing any odour.

What is “Kalkex”?

The MB-Active Cleaner with Kalkex does not only remove food sources other bacteria need, it also eliminates small residues of soap, calk (water) or shampoo etc. This makes the MB-Active Cleaner even more efficient in bathrooms, on walls and floors and in all other areas where you may have a cleaning issue.

Does the MB Active Cleaner have any other advantages?

  • By using a waterless urinal your problem with urine-scale will reduce dramatically & with the MB- Active Cleaner you will also prevent the waste pipes becoming encrusted with organic matter.
  • The cleaner contains a small amount of perfume which presents a pleasant & lasting odour in the washroom.

The difference between disinfection and cleaning with MB-Active Cleaner

If you disinfect something with a chemical cleaning agent, the cleaning agent kills everything (good and bad bacteria) but after “death”, life appears immediately again, so this style of cleaning is not an enduring one. If you use MB-Active Cleaner you start to grow a biological cover over the area which has been cleaned. This cover ensures that the cleaning is indeed enduring and that the good bacteria will return.

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